Wack 100 On Slim 400’s Death: “There’s A War Going On Outside”

Wack 100 On Slim 400's Death: "There's A War Going On Outside"Wack 100 also said that he was trying to get Slim 400 to transition into comedy.

Los Angeles was hit with the tragic death of Slim 400 this week. The rapper was shot and killed on Wednesday night in Inglewood, which caused concern for the LAPD. Though they said Slim’s death was more of a “wrong place wrong time” situation, there’s been an unprecedented amount of crime occurring recently.Wack 100 recently jumped on Clubhouse where he shared his thoughts on Slim 400’s death, and the current state of L.A. The music mogul explained that there has been chaos in the streets of Los Angeles recently, adding that Slim 400 shouldn’t have been in that area.

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