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The Island Boys Get Heated During Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” Podcast Shoot

The Island Boys Get Heated During Logan Paul's "Impaulsive" Podcast Shoot

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The Island Boys weren’t feeling the interview, apparently.

The Island Boy are twin brothers from Florida who recently rose to TikTok fame. The two artist are known for their off-pitch rapping style and their distinct look, consisting of dyed dreads and face tattoos.With their growing social media presence, the brothers have been able to land some pretty exciting opportunities, including a performance at Club LIV (although it may not have gone as planned).

Now, joining in on their online notoriety, Logan Paul, YouTuber-turned-boxer, invited the brothers to appear on his podcast, Impaulsive. The show consists of Paul, his two co-hosts, Mike Maljak and George Janko, and a rotating list of special guests, with a focus on gossip and the latest news within the influencer community.

In a seemingly candid clip shot during the Impaulsive podcast episode with the Island Boys, a confrontation is beginning to brew between the duo and George Janko. In the video, Flyysoulja can be heard saying, “You know I’m thuggin’ though, right? I told you to end it already and you keep talking about it. It’s probably because the cameras are on.”The footage also shows a confused Janko, apparently oblivious to how the conflict began. He says, flustered, “What the f*** just happened? Explain to me what I said.”

After the incident occurred, Janko went on to post his own YouTube video, titled, “The Island Boys Tried to Fight me on Impaulsive…” In his vlog, he stated, “I’m one of their biggest f***ing fans, bro. I would have bought merch if they had merch.”

While the brothers have not elaborated further on what the issue was, Logan Paul did take to Twitter to promote the upcoming interview by using the clip. The full interview is set to be released on Tuesday.

Check out the viral clip of the confrontation below, and stay tuned for the full episode.

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