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Mike Tyson Chops It Up With Rick Ross & Ric Flair After Airplane Incident

Mike TysonMike Tyson was at a cannabis conference in Miami on Thursday.

Mike Tyson is in the news right now due to an altercation he had just a couple of nights ago while on a JetBlue flight out of San Francisco. Many of you have already seen the footage, however, for those who haven’t, the scenario was quite simple. Tyson was being pestered by an intoxicated fan, and after telling the man to stop numerous times, the fan continued to be unruly and even threw a water bottle at Tyson. That’s when the boxer got up and punched the man in the head.Since Wednesday night, Tyson has been doing his own thing. For instance, the boxing legend was in Miami on Thursday night for a big cannabis conference. In the video below, you can even see Tyson hanging out with the likes of Rick Ross and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.
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