Kodak Black Pays Homage To Nipsey Hussle With Blue Watch

Kodak's Plain Jane Rolex is a sight to behold.Kodak’s Plain Jane Rolex is a sight to behold.

Since Los Angeles icon Nipsey Hussle was tragically slain, Kodak Black has had a strange one-sided relationship with Nipsey. Immediately after his death, Kodak shot his shot at Nipsey’s partner Lauren London instead of offering condolences.

Outrage quickly ensued, and Kodak would later apologize. However, in October this year, Kodak seemingly retracted his apology by saying he’s still friends with Nipsey’s brother and people should really be upset with Diddy instead of him: “A n***a told me, ‘I ain’t gonna lie, before you came here there was discussions ’bout…y’know, you about to come in here. When I got there, you know how much Crips showed me love? Every Crip n***a said, ‘I’d have said the same shit.’ I ain’t say nothing bad, I ain’t say nothing about Nipsey. Nipsey a GOAT! Nipsey brother fuck with me, Trae the Truth fuck with me. If anything, n***as wanna get technical, Diddy just had this lil’ n***a up under him and a year later, he fuckin’ with the man’s girl. Y’all ain’t sayin’ nothin’ to Diddy!”

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