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How to Gain Admission into any University without writing JAMB (UTME)

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Sep 22, 2021Alnificent

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you it is difficult to gain admission into the universities. And the situation is becoming worse every single year. Writing JAMB is one thing and passing it is another thing. And again after passing, gaining admission is a fierce competition.

You probably doubted the last time you heard someone has been writing JAMB for eight years without securing admission? This is the reality of university system.

Thousands of students leaving secondary schools every year meet thousands still struggling to gain admission. That makes everything difficult and the competition is fierce.

Don’t stop reading if you fall under the following category of people.

• Just finished secondary school and want to secure admission
• Have written ​JAMB before but didn’t secure admission
• Want to study abroad and need well-trained experts to guide you on scholarship exams

Just like you, everybody wants to enter the university. Because it is only in the university you choose the specific field of interest. But there is a barrier between secondary school and the university. It has hindered many and will still hinder others, but not you.

Therefore if you want a smooth transition from secondary school to university, continue reading.


Have you seen these statistics before? Don’t miss it.

According to JAMB registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyode, 1,048,314 out of the 1,503,931 that sat for 2017 UTME representing 70% passed. But in 2018, 731381 of 1,792,719 that sat for exam passed, representing 40%. And, in 2019, 731381out of 1,792,719 that sat for the UTME passed representing about 40 percent too.

Also, in 2020, out of the 1889801 candidates that sat for the exams, 781,327 passed representing 41 percent. But in 2021 1, 415,501 registered for the exam and only 198,170.14, representing 14 percent passed. Who know what will happen next year? Maybe worst ever. That’s what you should avoid.

Are you sure this fierce competition is worth going for when there is a better, swift and faster alternative? This is what you should avoid and we’re ever ready to help you out.

Since you want to enter the university, the time is now. Don’t join the waiting list because it reduces your chance of gaining admission. But that’s not all.

You have better chance of studying your dream course. Professions like medicine, pharmacy, engineer, law and accounting are very competitive. But not for you because we’ll guide you.

However, if you have been among the waiting list, this is the last time you’ll wait. The perfect opportunity to enter the university has come.
But how does this work? Entering university without writing JAMB!!!

It’s easy, reliable and better if you act fast. The procedure is called Educational Booster. Experts from various field of endeavor have come together in their bid to alleviate your struggle for admission.

Educational Booster is a program organized by highly qualified teachers and mentors to shape your academic journey. It offers both IJMB, Cambridge ‘A level and JUPEB all approve and trusted by federal government.

The organizers are seasoned teachers with experience on modern facilities. And they understood the educational system of the world as a result of exposure.

They have provision for all the modern learning facilities and will groom you to the tech. world. Of course we are in the technology era. This way, you’ll leave the program well-equipped.

And a conducive learning environment awaits you. Hostels fashioned to aid learning and assimilation. This mean you’ll not have to make excessive payment for accommodations outside the school. And besides, it is more secure to study in a school where unparalleled accommodation is available for your security.

Instead of 100 levels through JAMB, in ​Educational Booster, you’ll be given 200 level. That means you’ll be a year above your mates that come through the JAMB into the university.

While JAMB result lasts for one year, Educational Booster provide you with result that’ll last for seven years. That’s amazing, right?

You truly have no limit if you enter university through Educational Booster and you’ll know in a moment.

You’ll be trained for standard international admission scholarships examinations like TOEFL. Especially to Europe and all the developed countries of the world and your chance of getting admission is more than 70 percent.

And the good news is the duration is very short. Just seven month and you are certified and well skilled with your ‘A levels.
Requirement? Very few and surely, you have them.

Since this program is meant to serve you and grant you easy access to the university. The requirements are the easily available, just your ordinary level results.
• OND and
• Awaiting result

Note that you’re to provide only one of the results. In addition, if your result is yet to be released, you are also qualified to apply and made the result available later.

However, because many people are currently applying, the maximum number will be reached soon. But if you are fast, you’ll have a slot.

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