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Coi Leray Prays For Father Benzino: “I Want Him To Heal Offline”

Coi Leray The “Trendsetter” rapper joked about reporting her dad’s social media accounts and spoke at length about the strains in their relationship.

Regardless of the tension that may be displayed on social media, Coi Leray remains supportive of her father, Benzino. Over the last few months, the world has had a front-row seat at Benzino’s antics online and it has caused the Hip Hop icon to be the target of trolls and critics. Whether he is arguing with 50 Cent, threatening trans actress Shauna Brooks, or going back and forth with Leray, Benzino has had his hands full online.Leray’s career has been a focal point for her father and he even almost ruined the rapper’s opportunity to collaborate with Nicki Minaj on “Blick Blick.” There were rumors that he laughed at the first-week sales of Leray’s Trendsetter, but Benzino quickly denied he would do such a thing.

As soon as one viral moment between Leray and Benzino ends, another seems to kick up, and in a recent interview, the “No More Parties” hitmaker joked that she wants to take control of her father’s online presence.

“Just pray. I pray,” she said. “I tried to hit up Instagram like…I don’t even know who to contact but I’m hitting headquarters like, ‘Report!’ You crazy?! Yes! I try to report him. He does not know the off button! My dad doesn’t understand like, yo. I love my dad because it’s like, family’s everything, right? But blood don’t make you family and when you start doing sh*t that starts questioning your loyalty and who you are as a person, especially to your own daughter, like, alright, bro.”

“I forgive. I have faith. That’s why I’m still here and I’m able to be like, you know what? [It’s] my father,” Leray continued. She was asked about squaring up with Benzino. “If I could, I’d knock him the f*ck out, right?! I would if I could!” she joked. “No, I just have to pray for him. I want him to heal offline. I really do. That’s how we’re going to be able to get better.”

Check out more of Coi Leray speaking on her relationship with Benzino below.

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