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Biography of ZeeBoih

Who is ZeeBoih?

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Zeeboih is Okereke Alexander Ibezim ,born in the early 20s ,in the northern part of Nigeria, grew up in the East, attended one of the best and biggest schools in Nigeria.
He’s a song writer, singer , rapper and Afro-Trapper .

ZeeBoih’s passion for music was grown while listening to other top singers in the industry , and since he ventured into the business of making music, he never looks back.

He started his music career in mid 20s ,and his dream is to get to a point where people will hear his music and bless God for the messages in his contents; changing their lives for good, turning them from backwardness to forwardness through his writing and singing powers. He has worked with several talented artists and Music Producers in the country,and still aims to do more magic within and outside the country with legends and the growing ones as God grants him the privilege and time .

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